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Laser Welding Systems - www.PECO-DEA.comInspection Services - www.PECo-Manufacturing.comSurface Finish Measurement of Involute - www.GearInspection.comDeburring Tool -
Turnkey Manufacturing Line - www.PECO-DEA.comFabrication & Welding - www.PECo-Manufacturing.comLarge Internal Spline www.GearInspection.comGrippers -
Resistance Welding - www.PECO-DEA.comPrecision Machining - www.PECo-Manufacturing.comND300 Gear Measurement System - www.GearInspection.comHigh Angle Collision Sensor -
Robot Cells - www.PECO-DEA.comBlast & Paint Services - www.PECo-Manufacturing.comHelical Rotor - www.GearInspection.comCompliance Device-

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If you are interested in doing challenging work for an established, growing company, please consider PECo for your next job!

Due to the variety of work done at PECo we hire people of diverse backgrounds and skill sets. PECo currently employs a wide variety of machinists, assembly technicians, welders, engineers, designers, IT technicians, controls specialists and more.
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All positions are subject to a pre-placement drug screening.
PECo is currently hiring for the following position(s):
If you are interested in a position, please Contact Us or e-mail your resume' to or call us today at 937-667-4451.

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